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1883 Caramelised Peanut Syrup – Glass 1L Bottle



COLOUR: Amber with a dark hue

NOSE: Akin to a caramelised peanut

PALATE: A gourmet syrup with lots of body, a well-defined hint of vanilla, and of course a grand caramelised peanut finale

With its powerful aroma, Caramelized Peanut 1883 syrup develops milky and vanilla notes, lightly cooked and toasted with a subtle hint of nuts. Caramelized Peanut 1883 syrup is made from carefully selected ingredients including natural cane sugar and our secret ingredient, pure Alpine water.



30ml Espresso
120ml steamed milk
15ml 1883 Caramelized Peanut Syrup

Pour the espresso into a large cup.
Pour the chilled full-cream milk and syrup into a milk jug.
Foam with a steam wand to obtain a creamy, smooth texture, then pour into the cup.
Decorate with grated cocoa bean and a coffee bean.