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1883 Anise Syrup – Glass 1L Bottle



COLOUR: Milky white

NOSE: Aroma reminiscent of star anise

PALATE: Rich star anise flavour with a delicious, nostalgic taste of sweets

Subtly sweet, slightly spicy, Anise 1883 syrup excels in its intensity. With a milky white color, it offers a taste reminiscent of licorice root and its aromatic profile recalls that of anisette liqueur. Anise 1883 syrup is alcohol-free and made from carefully selected ingredients, including natural cane sugar and our secret ingredient, pure Alpine water.



20ml 1883 Anise syrup
10ml 1883 Grenadine (mixed berry) syrup
180ml Sparkling water

Fill a Tumbler with ice and add the 1883 Anise syrup, then a layer of the 1883 Mixed berries syrup 1883, over ice.
Add the soda and decorate. Be sure cocktail is stirred before drinking.